AlertFor the health of our community and patients, we are providing COVID-19 testing at no cost for those exhibiting symptoms of the virus or for those who have been exposed to someone with COVID-19. For more information and to schedule a test, please visit to schedule a lab test. Información en Español sobre Corona Virus (COVID-19)

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FREE COVID-19 Consults
As your business welcomes employees back and re-opens for customers, you may wonder if you are taking all appropriate precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Prevea can help prepare you, your staff and your customers to safely return. Call us today at (920) 431-1999 for a free COVID-19 workplace consult and on-site assessment. An occupational health provider will review your policies and procedures and provide recommendations to ensure you’re meeting current safety guidelines.

Prevea occupational health providers are passionate about the health and safety of your employees. Working with you, they provide occupational health solutions that allow your employees to work smarter and recover faster.
Our medical case management and comprehensive care plans are focused on keeping your employees healthy and working to their maximum potential. If needed, our providers collaborate with Prevea medical specialists to provide coordinated care and follow-up.
Healthy employees help your business by reducing workers compensation costs, increasing employee productivity and can prevent lost time due to injury or illness.

Occupational health programs are fully customizable depending on the needs of your business, and can include:


“Our number of injuries has decreased with an increase of employees. Our mod rate, which is the bottom line for us, is actually at a .57, which is incredibly low for our industry. The lowest we could ever get to with no injuries is a .5”
– Bill LaLuzerne, Vice President of Operations at Alive & Kickin’ Pizza Crust

Ensure a productive workforce with Prevea’s occupational health solutions by contacting Prevea Corporate Health & Wellness at (920) 431-1999. Receive a FREE onsite workplace health and safety analysis and tour to get real-time feedback from an occupational health provider or industrial physical therapist to:

  • Prepare the facility for returning workforce
  • Perform an environmental and safety analysis
  • Improve the health and safety of the workplace

We’re here to help you and dedicated to meeting your occupational health needs for a safer and healthier workplace environment.