Running Health Tips

Prevea Health is proud to be the Official Health Partner of the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon since 2000, and also a partner of the Green Bay Running Club. Prevea is heavily involved in the Green Bay running community and our experts have created many resources to help you stay healthy, enjoy training and achieve your running goals.

Cellcom Green Bay Marathon Training Guide Powered by Prevea Sports Medicine

The all-in-one training guide includes event schedules such as the Prevea Training Runs and Prevea Pints & Pointers, running health tips and the Prevea Training Calendars.

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Safety and Medical Tips

Importance of Getting a Physical
Rules of the Road
Cold Weather Running
Ice Is Your Friend
Kinesio Taping
Plantar Fasciitis
Healthy Recovery For Long Training Runs or Post Marathon
Perfect Your Running Form
Should I run when I'm sick?
IT Band Syndrome
Runner's Knee
Overcoming Mental Challenges

Exercise Tips

Core Strengthening with TRX
Core Strengthening Exercises
Importance of Cross Training
Running Warm-Up and Stretches
Road Versus Treadmill
iPerform Precision

Nutritional Information

Proper Hydration
Fuel For Your Body
GU Energy Gel

Apparel and Accessories Tips

Race Day Check List
Winter Running Gear
How to Dry Your Running Shoes
Proper Shoe Fitting
Running Shoe Q & A