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Breast Care

You make a great choice when you make your breast health a priority.

One in eight women will battle breast cancer sometime in her life. Early detection gives you the best chance for a healthy outcome. We’re here for you—at the Prevea Breast Center we offer services in consulting and surveillance of benign (non-cancerous) breast conditions, such as breast pain, lumps and nipple discharge, as well as high risk evaluation and management, including patients who have BRCA (genetic testing) positive patients.

Advanced technology, such as digital mammography, enables Prevea's breast health experts to detect breast cancer in its earliest stages. A proficiency in minimally invasive techniques that help preserve breast tissue, lessen scarring and shorten recovery time allows many women to move from patient to survivor as quickly as possible. Our breast health specialists are available to assist with questions regarding breast health needs.

The St. Vincent Regional Cancer Center Breast Program, recognized for its commitment to the highest level of quality care by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers, involves integration and care coordination between Prevea Health, St. Vincent Hospital and St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center.

Second Opinions Matter

Here at Prevea Health, we perform second opinion consultations for a breast cancer diagnosis.  We work with a multidisciplinary team to individualize breast cancer care and treatment.  Our certified breast health coordinator is here to help our cancer patients navigate the cancer care continuum.

Call us at (920) 496-4789 to schedule your second opinion appointment.

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