Freezer Meals with Friends

A couple of my coworkers and I had been talking about getting together to make freezer meals. It makes sense, because if you take one night to make a bunch of meals, you will have “free time" other nights to spend with family and friends.

Since I love to grocery shop; I volunteered to go and get our supplies for nine different recipes. We sure had a full table!
Once we had all the groceries organized, we chose to tackle just one recipe at a time and triple all the quantities for our three families. The beauty of this process is that you can still individualize the recipes to meet your family's needs. Some recipes we chose to make vegetarian, others gluten free and others dairy free. It just takes a little pre-planning. Also, if you are cooking for one or two people; freezer meals help you get a variety of different options as you can freeze in smaller quantities.
Let's meet the cooks in my kitchen. You see Kristina here wearing shades. She was cutting onions and thought this would keep her from crying. Since Kristina has two active little boys; she wanted to make freezer meals to help with busy nights and meal preparation.

Another tip to reduce the potency of onion smell is to slice the onion from one end and work your way to the middle. It sure helps me when cutting a large number of onions. We also had garlic in a lot of our recipes. Onion and garlic can leave an unwanted odor on your hands. If you want to get rid of that smell, try rubbing your hands on a stainless steel spoon or rock (pictured here). It is amazing how much of the smell disappears once you do this.

Brittany, pictured below, loves to cook and makes the time almost every night. However, with her infant daughter, she was really looking for easy and quick freezer breakfasts and items she could quickly warm up and feed to her little one.

I was working too...

Since we had a large number of cans (I think every type of tomato was on my list), my son Caleb offered to open all of our cans. Maybe he was hungry....

Freezer meal cooking doesn’t have to be a “girl’s night” but can also be used as family time. I encourage children of all ages to be part of the cooking process or at the very least menu planning. If you are like me, I like cooking, but sometimes I just need help with creative menu ideas.
Here we are all at work. No time to visit.

I encourage you to give freezer meal cooking a try.
Here we are after approximately 3 ½ hours of work. Look at all the meal preparation we completed in a relatively short time. (Please realize that everything pictured here went home with each of us).

Here’s to healthy cooking!


About the Author

Deb is a registered dietitian for Prevea Health’s LeadWell corporate health and wellness program, a role that allows her to share her commitment to healthful living. She graduated with her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point and completed her dietetic internship with Harper Hospital in Detroit. After graduation, Deb worked for area nursing homes until she joined HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center in 1999. Her understanding of the importance of good nutrition started when she was very young as she tried to help her father with his medical conditions. Her passion for wellness and nutrition continues as she helps people incorporate lifestyle changes into their everyday lives.