Tips for Eating When Traveling

I never considered myself an experienced traveler. Booking flights, rental cars and hotels is definitely not something I either excel in or enjoy. However, knowing how to eat when I travel … now that is something I have mastered.
Recently, I attended my niece’s wedding on the east coast. I had the wonderful opportunity to travel for an extended weekend with 11 of my family members. It was wonderful, I love my family. You never really know someone, though, until you travel with them. What did my family learn about me? Remember I am a food nerd. I planned my day around my meals and, of course, my work out. At first, I think they thought I was kind of hysterical but then realized that I was quite serious. It wasn’t odd for me to ask the group when we sat down to eat, when we planned to eat next. That is how I roll. I am not obsessed with eating. On the contrary, since I lost control of my eating schedule when I was “on the road” or “in the air”; I tried to regain some of my control by planning.

Here are a few tips that help me when I travel:
  • Plan your meals for the day. This could include what times you plan to eat so you know if the menu selection should be a bit larger or just a salad/lighter option.
  • Choose a special meal or meals on your vacation that you may “splurge” a bit. Knowing that this is an option; you won’t feel deprived that you are missing out.
  • Order water with your meals. Your wallet and your waist will thank you.
  • If someone orders something you really love and you don’t want to overdo it at that meal, just “borrow”. My brother got used to me doing this. Can I just “borrow” two or three French fries?
  • Be selective in your alcoholic drinks. Choose a low calorie beer or a glass of wine for about 100 calories per 5 oz. glass. View low calorie drink choices.
  • Pack snacks for the plane or better yet, accept the snacks they offer on the plane for later use. When I travel, I find myself stashing healthy snack choices for later use. I guess I am a bit of a pack rat.
These tips have been helpful for me and I hope they can be helpful for you, too. Travel safe this summer!

About the Author

Deb is a registered dietitian for Prevea Health’s LeadWell corporate health and wellness program, a role that allows her to share her commitment to healthful living. She graduated with her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point and completed her dietetic internship with Harper Hospital in Detroit. After graduation, Deb worked for area nursing homes until she joined HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center in 1999. Her understanding of the importance of good nutrition started when she was very young as she tried to help her father with his medical conditions. Her passion for wellness and nutrition continues as she helps people incorporate lifestyle changes into their everyday lives.