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Opportunities for Students

As of Dec. 9, 2021, student shadowing has been re-instated. Please follow the process below to request this experience.


Prevea Health offers a variety of clinical education opportunities to qualified students throughout the year, including:


Clinical rotations

These are academic experiences for students currently enrolled in medical education programs that last from 2 weeks to an entire semester. These experiences are set up through academic programs and required for graduation.

Based on high demand for student placement, Prevea Health has implemented a centralized process for accepting rotation requests and matching with available preceptors.

Prevea Health uses to accept NP, PA, CNM, Therapy, and Medical Student placement requests, assign preceptors, and onboard students.

The school clinical placement coordinator or individual student can create an account and submit a rotation request into mCE. We ask that neither the school coordinator nor student reach out directly to our providers requesting sponsorship as all requests should come directly through mCE. Please work with your school rotation coordinator to use myClinicalExchange. You will not need to pay for a mCE account unless you are accepted for a rotation.

Deadlines for rotation requests are as follows:

  • Summer semester placement: February 14
  • Fall semester placement: April 1
  • Spring semester placement: August 1

Shadowing Opportunities

These are one-day experiences for students considering careers in healthcare. They are not connected to any academic requirement and are set up directly by students. 

Shadows/observations are a great way to learn more about careers and specialties in the medical field. Prevea Health offers half day or one-day job shadows. This experience is observation only and no direct patient care is allowed.

Application does not guarantee shadowing placement. Application process:

  • You must be 18 or older and enrolled or accepted into a health care-related post-secondary program.
  • If you meet the above requirements, please complete the application/requirements.
  • Click here to fill out the application!
  • Please email the completed documents and immunization requirements in one email to
  • A representative will reach out to applicants via email regarding their request and provide possible clinical sites and providers who are available for shadow/observation.


Internships are temporary positions that allow college students to gain professional experience within their field of study. Prevea Health offers several paid internships each year for college students interested in getting professional experience.

Summer Healthcare Administration Internships

Each summer, Prevea offers internships for students interested in areas of healthcare administration. The specific positions differ each summer, but examples of areas of focus in the past have been Human Resources, Facilities Management, and Healthcare Quality. These internships will be posted on our careers webpage.

Year-Round Internships​

Through partnerships with UW-Green Bay and St. Norbert College, we offer marketing and pre-med internships for students enrolled at those colleges. These positions will be posted on your college recruiting site.

Diversity and Inclusion Internship​

Wisconsin ranks high in overall health care quality nationally but performs poorly in ensuring that health care is provided to all people equitably.  Widespread disparities exist in health outcomes and care in Wisconsin. Prevea Health is committed to improving education about social determinants of health. As we educate students in our programs, we will raise awareness and begin addressing health disparities in order to be a part of the solution. We invite those who want to be a part of supporting the intentional transformation of our culture to join us.

These internship opportunities will be posted on your college recruiting site.

Youth Apprenticeships

For high school students interested in health-care careers, Prevea Health participates in the Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship program. Talk with your high school career counselor to see if an opportunity with Prevea Health might be a good fit. More information on the state-wide program can be found here.

General Student Information

Wear business appropriate clothing when in Prevea Health Clinics. Please do not wear jeans, sweatshirts, open-toed shoes, flip flops, pants with tears or holes in them, or shirts with sayings that are not acceptable. Staff has the right to cancel your visit if this dress code is not followed. 

If you have any questions about the student opportunities, please email