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Clinical Education Opportunities for Students

Prevea Health offers a variety of clinical education opportunities to qualified students throughout the year. If you are interested in applying, please apply now.

Application process

  • You must be 18 or older and enrolled in a health care field course or study to apply.
  • If you meet the requirements, please fill out the student intake form completely and submit it. If you already arranged a shadow or clinical rotation with a specific provider, please provide this information with the department/person you wish to be placed with. Include start and end dates.
  • A representative will reach out to applicants via email regarding their request and provide possible clinical sites and providers who are available for observation or clinical rotation.
  • After a provider has been assigned, the appropriate paperwork will be given to you to complete. Please note the following items will need to be presented with the paperwork or your rotation may be cancelled:
  • TB skin test: A TB skin test or Quantiferon Gold test must be completed within one year of your observation experience. Please provide a copy of the results.
  • Documentation/verification of the MMR vaccine: Acceptable verification includes record in the Wisconsin Immunization Registry record, facility record with signature/initials or a titer (blood test).
  • Documentation of Varicella vaccine or immunity: Acceptable verification includes record in the Wisconsin Immunization Registry vaccine record, record with signature/initials of agent or agency that administered the vaccine or test; or a copy/date of a titer (blood test). Stated history of the disease is not accepted.
  • Documentation of a current influenza vaccine. Prevea Health requires employees and students to get a flu shot. If a flu shot is declined, the student must follow Prevea’s masking directive.
  • Access the Wisconsin Immunization Registry to obtain your records online.

Dress code

Please wear business casual clothing when meeting with Prevea for the first time. Please do not wear ill-fitting shirts or pants, sweatshirts, hoodies, open-toed shoes, flip flops, pants with tears or holes in them, or shirts with sayings that are not acceptable. Staff has the right to cancel your visit if this dress code is not followed. 
If you have any questions about the clinical education opportunity for students, please contact Jessie Pondell at (920) 431-1955 or, Locum/Student Coordinator.

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