Presented by Prevea Sports Medicine

Are you looking for an individualized running program to help you run faster? Prevea Sports Medicine and Cellcom Green Bay Marathon are pleased to offer a highly personalized online training program for marathoners and half marathoners through RunCoach.

Only $25 for the entire season!

Benefits of the program:
  • Optimal training program based on race time goals, schedule preferences, running background, current fitness level and much more
  • Patented system is 100% adjustable and adapts to your changing goals and circumstances throughout your training season
  • Improve your race time - on average, runners see a 7% improvement in their race finish time compared to prior races using RunCoach for 12 weeks or longer
  • iPhone and Android app for easy mobile accessibility
  • Users can select Saturday as their long run day when setting up their plan to incorporate the Prevea Training Run schedule
Click here for more information about the individualized RunCoach program and to sign up.
Prevea will continue to offer the usual free beginner, non-customized marathon and half marathon training calendar from January through May.