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Prevea Health adult Crohn’s and colitis support group

Attending a support group is a proactive step that will help you stay healthy. We come together to share experiences and ideas, provide emotional support and build lasting relationships. You are not alone when managing this disease.
Support groups are important because they help hold patients accountable for their personal goals, offer encouragement and motivation for greater success, and help patients overcome obstacles.

Join us!
  • Public welcome: Open to any individual who is living with or family and friends of someone living with Crohn’s disease and/or ulcerative colitis
  • Facilitated by our RN Crohn’s & Colitis Care Manager who will discuss nutrition, lifestyle changes, flare ups, mental health, good hygiene and anything in between
  • Occasionally, a guest speaker will be invited to discuss a specific topic

Topics to be discussed:
  • January - Diet, smoking cessation New Year’s resolution
  • February - Mental health, prescription overview, infection prevention, prescription savings resources
  • March - Bone health, Hep A vaccine, sharps disposal resources, steroids and their effects, Harvey Bradshaw Index
  • April - Hep B vaccine, extra intestinal manifestations, flare up in correlation with season change, when to call your GI provider
  • May - Skin check education, sun protection, MyPrevea education
  • June - Ambassador programs, Shingrix Vaccine, cornerstone screenings, CCFA resources and navigation
  • July - What does it mean to be “immunosuppressed?”, Prevnar, Pneumovax vaccine discussion, infection prevention, protection from live vaccines
  • August - Community events, financial assistance for biologic medication
  • September - Flu vaccine education, financial resources for IBD meds (not biologics), goodrx overview
  • October - Vacation reminders, review of flare symptoms and management, colonoscopy screenings
  • November - Holiday friendly foods for IBD
  • December - Blogs, intro to dietary deficiencies

Third Tuesday of every month

Ferguson Family YMCA
Founders Room
235 N. Jefferson St.
Downtown Green Bay
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If you have questions contact us at
In partnership with Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation and the Ferguson Family YMCA