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Prevea Health

Curriculum and programs

Recommended rotation schedule

Subject to change

First year rotations

Dermatology 2 weeks
Emergency department 4 weeks
Emergency department pediatrics 2 weeks
Family medicine clinic weeks
Inpatient family medicine days/nights 12 weeks
Inpatient pediatrics 4 weeks
Intensive care unit 2 weeks
General surgery 4 weeks
Gynecology 2 weeks
Newborn nursery 2 weeks
Obstetrics weeks
Outpatient psychiatry 2 weeks
Radiology weeks
Sports medicine 2 weeks

Second year rotations

ENT 2 weeks
Emergency department 2 weeks
Elective 2 weeks
Endocrinology 2 weeks
Family medicine clinic weeks
Gastroenterology 2 weeks
Hematology 2 weeks
Inpatient family medicine days/nights 8 weeks
Inpatient pediatrics 2 weeks
Inpatient physical therapy/rehab 2 weeks
Nursing home 2 weeks
Obstetrics 4 weeks
Ophthalmology 2 weeks
Outpatient pediatrics 8 weeks
Palliative care 2 weeks
Urology 2 weeks

Third year rotations

Board review 2 weeks
Community medicine 2 weeks
Electives 10 weeks
Emergency department 2 weeks
Family medicine clinic 8 weeks
Gynecology 2 weeks
Health management system experience 4 weeks
Infectious disease 2 weeks
Inpatient family medicine days 8 weeks
Obstetrics 4 weeks
Neurology 2 weeks
Radiology 2 weeks
Research 2 weeks
Selective 2 weeks

Common electives:

Child psychiatry
Community service
Concussion clinic
Family counseling
Infectious disease
Inpatient cardiology
Intervention radiology
Maternity care
Nuclear medicine
Palliative care
Physical therapy
Ultrasound point of care
Urgent care