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Eye care co-management surgical program

The eye care co-management surgical program is for optometrists who need to refer a patient to  an ophthalmologist for cataract surgery. The optometrist provider refers the patient to Prevea Vision for their surgery, and the patient will return to the optometrist for their continued eye care needs.

The program includes a streamlined process to ensure coordinated care for your patients from the first consultation exam through the post-operative visits as well as enhanced communication between the optometry office and Prevea Vision. At the conclusion of the post-operative visit, we provide the optometrist the confidence that their patients will continue their ongoing eye care needs with them.

Below is a listing of some of the documents we give to a referring optometry provider as part of our co-management program:
  • Process of Cataract Co-Management
  • Consultation Report
  • Surgical Co-Management Agreement
  • Cataract Surgery Post-Operative Instructions and Medication Chart
  • Surgery Detail for Billing Co-Managed Patient
  • Post-Operative Summary Report
We value the opportunity to work with optometry providers and their patients to improve the health of their eyes through our cataract co-management program. If you are an optometry provider in the greater Green Bay area and would like to learn more about the co-management program or co-manage patients with Prevea Vision, please contact the Prevea Vision Department Manager at (920) 272-1250.