What is clinical research?

Clinical research studies, or clinical trials, are studies that use human volunteers to answer specific questions about the treatment of specific health issues. These can include testing new drugs or devices for safety and effectiveness, comparing existing treatments, or studying new ways to use existing medications.

Being involved in a research study allows you to gain access to new treatments before they are available to the general public. It allows you to receive careful and regular medical care, and you will also help others by contributing to the research and advances in medical treatment.

In order to participate in a specific clinical trial you must meet qualifications for that individual study. These will be based on things such as gender, age, other treatments, stage and type of disease, and other medical history.

Before being enrolled into a research trial, the details of that specific study will be explained to you, the medication or device involved will be discussed, the required procedures will be covered, and the risks and benefits will be addressed. You will have an opportunity to have all your questions answered.

It is important to note that all clinical trials are voluntary and you may decline to be involved or you may withdraw at any time during the study.

Clinical research falls under the guidance of the FDA and there are many laws by which it's governed. Each trial is reviewed prior to and throughout the study by an Independent Review Board (IRB), whose purpose is to protect the safety, welfare and rights of the patients.

The Clinical Research staff at Prevea Health is well-trained and is dedicated in the best interest of the patient. Contact the Prevea Health Clinical Research Program at (920) 272-3336 for additional information.

Prevea is currently enrolling individuals into 2 separate clinical trials. Do you or a loved one fall into any one of the following trial categories?

Study A:
You have type 2 diabetes and have had a heart attack, stroke, or blockages in the vessels of your heart, neck, or legs.

Study B:
You have multiple sclerosis and are starting on Tecfidera (dimethyl fumarate) for the first time.

*All study-related procedures and study medications are of no cost to the study participants.  Participants may also be reimbursed for travel-related expenses.

For more information about clinical trials or to determine if you may be a candidate for any of the trials above, please contact the Prevea Health Clinical Research Program directly at (920) 272-3336.

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