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Cellcom Marathon Medical Support

Since 2000, Prevea Health has been the official health partner of the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon. Our team of sports medicine and orthopedic experts is available to keep you strong and healthy during training season. If a sports-related injury occurs, trust us to get you back up and running.

Prevea sports medicine

Marathon support staff

Jeremy Metzler, MD

Marathon Medical Director
Sports Medicine and Family Medicine Physician

If you’re suffering from a sports-related injury, contact Dr. Metzler at (920) 272-3300. He will guide you through evaluation & treatment, and refer you to a specialist if needed.

Mike LaMere, MS, LAT, NASM-PES

Prevea Training Run Director
Sports Medicine Supervisor and Athletic Trainer

If you have questions about the Prevea Training Runs, Pints & Pointers events or how you can perfect your run using iPerform Precision, contact Mike at (920) 272-3380.

Meet our Specialists

Jonathan Dunker, DO 

Orthopedic Sports Medicine Surgeon
Prevea Sports Medicine

Amy Romandine Kratz, MD

Sports Medicine and Family Medicine Physician
Prevea Sports Medicine

April Borchart, DPM

Prevea Foot & Ankle Center

Mark Kachan, DPM

Prevea Foot & Ankle Center


Physical Therapy

If you have questions about sports injury-related physical therapy, contact Prevea Therapy Institute at (920) 272-3380.