Prevea Health


Many health care services provided at Prevea Health are covered by health insurance policies. We gladly file claims on your behalf. Prior to scheduling an appointment, verify your benefits and confirm whether or not the provider and/or hospital are within your insurance network. 

Federal laws require health care providers to submit every insurance claim accurately, reporting the exact services performed and the reason for performing them. Prevea Health cannot change this information so that your claim will be paid. For example, Prevea Health physicians recommend that patients have an annual physical exam to evaluate their overall health. Your insurance company may consider this physical to be “routine” or “preventive.” A physical exam is for the sole purpose of preventive care and is not problem focused (i.e., a sore knee) and cannot involve a chief complaint or current illness. 


If during a routine or preventive physical you discuss a new condition or a change in an existing condition that requires additional consultation or lab work,
you may be billed for a diagnostic office visit. This may result in your insurance company charging you an additional co-pay/deductible/co-insurance, etc.

Prevea Health does not bill any third-party liability carriers. We will bill your health insurance company, and if charges are denied, they become the responsibility of the person named on the account.

For the most efficient resolution to any disputed or unpaid claims, work directly with your insurance carrier. All accounts are due within 30 days after you receive your first statement. If needed, Patient Accounts Representatives are available at (920) 496-4775 or toll free (888) 477-3832 from 7:30a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, to answer questions about your account.


Pre-certification or Prior Authorization

Please verify whether or not your insurance coverage requires pre-certification or prior authorization for services by contacting your insurance company directly. Patients may be considered financially responsible for any services not pre-certified or prior authorized in accordance to their insurance plan provisions.