Prevea Health

Online appointment scheduling is available with most Prevea providers.


Online Appointment Scheduling

  • Search for health care providers and schedule appointments online.
  • 24/7 online appointment scheduling allows you to book from any web-enabled device at a time convenient for you.
  • The appointment scheduling process takes less than two minutes to complete.
  • Once you book an appointment, you have the ability to reschedule or cancel the appointment via text or email.
  • Receive text or email appointment reminders so you don’t have to worry about writing down the appointment date and time.

Your kind of care on your schedule

We make it easy for you to access our services when you need them.

Prevea Urgent Care

Urgent care center locations and wait times are listed online. Reserve your spot before you come in!


Prevea Care After Hours

24-hour medical advice is just a phone call away! If you have an injury, illness or medical question after our health center is closed, Prevea Care After Hours is here as your one call for health information and medical advice. Call (920) 496-4700 or toll free (888) 277-3832.

Prevea Virtual Care

With Prevea Virtual Care, you can get care from the convenience of your home for most common conditions. No appointment needed. You’ll receive quality care from a trusted Prevea provider. Online visits are just $35. Most visits take just 15 minutes.


This secure, convenient and efficient web app gives you access to your health information, whenever you want it.
  • Request or schedule an appointment with most providers
  • Refill and track prescriptions
  • View lab and test results
  • Message your health care provider
  • View Urgent Care wait times and “Save My Spot”
  • Complete a Prevea Virtual Care visit
  • Research providers and locations
  • Pay a bill