AlertTo schedule a COVID-19 test or vaccination appointment, please visit Walk-in appointments available at select locations. For more information, visit and Scheduling is based upon vaccine allocation received from the state of Wisconsin. Programe una prueba o vacuna del COVID –19Teem sij hawm kuaj lossis txhaj tshuaj rau tus kab mob COVID-19Dejiso mise jadwaleeyso tijaabada ama tallaalka COVID-19.

Prevea Health

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Before your visit with a Prevea Health provider, you can use Prevea Price Estimate to obtain the approximate amount you might owe after insurance. For an estimate, choose one of the following options:

  1. Fill out the form to the right.
  2. Call (920) 496-4700, or 1-888-2PREVEA, and ask for a Prevea estimate. You will need your insurance card, type of visit or procedure you are considering, and the name of the Prevea location where the procedure or visit will be performed. 

The written or verbal estimate will be sent or provided within one business day. 

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