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With A New Spring in His Step: Brett's Story

Ideal Weigh Prevea HealthIdeal Weigh Prevea HealthBrett Schabow is a fan of the outdoors and these days, he’s enjoying it with a new spring in his step. Thanks to Ideal Weigh, the 48-year-old husband and father has been able to shed an incredible 70 pounds and has gone down multiple sizes in his clothing.

“Nothing I’ve ever been on compared to this weight loss. All the past diets I’ve been on felt much harder than this,” said Brett. “One aspect of this diet that intrigued me the most was that it didn’t require me to exercise. I like to walk on the treadmill but I wasn’t required to.”

While on this program, Brett experimented with different vegetables and was creative with preparing different protein options. This experience has opened up his awareness to trying different foods. He has also discovered that an enjoyable meal doesn’t have to include potatoes, breads, pastas, carbs or sugar. Eventually these items will be re-introduced back into his meal plan but, life is still good for Brett without them.

“Giving up sugar and carbs was difficult at times, but certainly manageable. If I craved something sweet or salty, the different snacks that were available via the Ideal Protein food program easily resolved the craving and tasted good too – it was very satisfying.”

Besides losing weight, Brett has improved his overall health thanks to the medical supervision and readily-available staff that support Ideal Weigh patients.

“The initial consult was very personable. My provider went over my medical history, my medications, what I should expect, what I could do immediately,” said Brett. “My questions were always answered promptly, and it’s reassuring to know that someone is always there and willing to help.”

With his weight loss and newfound healthy habits, Brett has been able to reduce the amount of medication he takes for high blood pressure.

“Out of my four blood pressure medications, I’m down to two and the dosage is cut in half,” said Brett.

With fewer pounds and less medication weighing him down, Brett is excited to be more active outdoors with his son hunting and fishing, as well as golfing with his entire family. This year, he’ll be walking the course, instead of driving a cart.

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