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When Seconds Matter: Chuck's Story

Relatively new to the Green Bay area, when 61 year old Chuck began having a stroke in December 2018, he was at the grocery store when the right side of his body stopped working. He had no idea that he was having a stroke.

“I didn’t think that I was having a stroke at all,” recalls Chuck. “I thought I was having a paralyzing moment.”

Thankfully, Chuck made it home, and his wife called the ambulance and he was taken to HSHS St. Vincent Hospital.

At HSHS St. Vincent Hospital, Prevea Neurointerventional Radiologist, Dr. Alison Meyer (formerly Nohara), was able to perform a mechanical thrombectomy; the procedure that open the closed vessel and removed the obstructing clot that was preventing blood flow to Chuck’s brain and causing the symptoms. She also placed a small stent at the place of the clot to prevent further strokes.

“Dr. Nohara [now Meyer] saved my life,” said Chuck.

The night after Chuck arrived to the hospital by ambulance, he was already up and walking.

After a 12-day stay at HSHS St. Vincent Hospital, Chuck was anxious to get back to his normal self and underwent therapy multiple times a week.

Today, just a few short months after Chuck’s stroke, he is back to work and has regained all feeling in his right side. For Chuck, he lives to do ‘do it yourself’ projects and is extremely grateful to be back doing those things.

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