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A Journey to Weight Loss: Darlene's Story

Think about a time in your life when you realized you had to make a big change. More than likely, something happened that opened your eyes and forced you to face your burden. For Darlene Rabas, it happened at a community health screening event. The results she received opened her eyes to her years-long battle with her weight.

“I felt too heavy. I knew I needed to lose the weight and I was struggling,” said Darlene.

At 192 pounds, Darlene’s weight was having a direct impact on her health and her life. Her clothes weren’t fitting the way she liked, she required a CPAP machine to sleep at night due to sleep apnea and she wasn’t finding the energy she once had to do the things she loves like walking, gardening and keeping up with her seven grandchildren.

With the goal to lose between 30 and 40 pounds, Darlene tried a variety of weight-loss methods, some of which are heavily advertised on national television.

“It cost a lot of money and I don’t feel like I got anything out of it,” said Darlene.

Darlene signed up for Prevea Health’s Ideal Weigh after learning about others who’ve experienced successful weight-loss while on the program.  In seven months, Darlene lost a total of 42 pounds.

“I can really see it in my face,” she said. “I recently had to give my ID to someone for something and they looked at my photo and then at my face and said, ‘Wow, you’ve lost weight!’”

While her deep commitment to weight loss ultimately lead her to her goal, Darlene also attributes much of her success to the medical supervision, the encouragement she receives from her coach and the Ideal Protein foods featured in the Ideal Weigh program.

“All of the Ideal Protein food including the omelets and soups were delicious – and it was easy to get the products. I couldn’t have been more pleased.  The medical staff was also very good at watching my blood pressure, so I felt very comfortable. I saw them pretty much every week.”  

With her weight loss, Darlene experienced some valuable gains – including better sleep (her sleep apnea is gone!), a new wardrobe, more energy and praise from her doctors, family and friends. She’s even been told she looks younger since losing the weight.

“I’ve had four people that I know call me asking me for information about how to join Ideal Weigh.”

Although Darlene has reached her initial goal-weight, she would still like to lose a few more inches from her mid-section. To achieve this, she is continuing to follow the Ideal Weigh program and is incorporating more physical activity into her life including water aerobics and walking.  “It’s easier to work out now,” said Darlene. “I’m in much better shape!”

Thanks to Ideal Weigh, Darlene is also living a much happier, healthier life – one very different from that eye-opening day at the community health screening event. “I’ve worked too hard now to go back,” said Darlene. 

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