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Bunion 3D corrective procedure


LAPIPLASTY® Procedure Patient Education Video from Treace Medical Concepts on Vimeo.

Do you have a bunion on your foot? Is it painful and affecting your everyday life?
A bunion (Hallux Valgus) looks like a bump on the side of the foot. It could cause swelling, redness or soreness around the big toe joint, pain, restricted foot movement, possible numbness and difficulty walking. A common misconception is that the bump is simply an overgrowth of bone that can be “shaved off”. Bunions are actually complex deformities, caused by a bone in the middle of the foot (metatarsal bone) that is misaligned in three dimensions (3D). Bunions are a 3D problem – an unstable joint allows the bone to drift out of 3D alignment, both leaning and rotated inward.

Prevea podiatrists are the first in the region to perform the LAPIPLASTY® three-dimensional bunion corrective procedure.

Prevea podiatrists can help to remove the bump and improve your quality of life with a new bunion corrective procedure. LAPIPLASTY® three-dimensional bunion correction procedure realigns the entire bone. The procedure positions the entire bone back into normal 3D alignment and the joint is fused with titanium plates for stability. The procedure:
  • Removes the “bump”
  • Corrects alignment in three-dimensions
  • Realigns the entire metatarsal bone
  • Stabilizes the unstable foundation
Removes the “bump”Realigns the entire metatarsal boneStabilizes the unstable foundation
After the LAPIPLASTY® procedure, many patients can put weight on their foot within days after surgery. Actual time to weight bearing will vary, but typically ranges from immediately after surgery to up to four weeks.

There are no permanent activity limitations after the LAPIPLASTY® procedure. Most patients are able to return to high activity, including sports, after the bones have completely healed at approximately four months.

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