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How to Support Your Child During a Covid-19 Test


Prepare your child for what they will see, hear and feel


COVID-19 Testing Site

1. At the outdoor testing site, you will see big trailers that look like building blocks.

Nurse wearing gown and mask

2. You will see nurses and doctors wearing gowns, gloves and masks – they will look like astronauts!

3. Stay in the car and your parent or guardian will roll your window down. You stay in the car and in your seat the entire time!

Nurse with cotton swab

4. A nurse will take a long cotton swab and tickle the inside of your nose on each side for 3-5 seconds.

Tip your head back and be very still! Pretend you are a statue or frozen in place!

You can count to 5, listen to music or hold someone’s hand.

Boy in car seat

5. That’s it, you are done! Great job!

Tips for Parents

Help prepare your child for the test process
  • Explain the purpose of this test is for the doctor to see what is going inside of their body. Encourage your child to ask questions.
  • Parent or guardian in the backseat can provide snuggles or hand holding. You will not be able to get out of your car at the site.
  • Park the car once you are under the drive-up clinic, so you can safety support your child and hold their hand. 
  • Offer your child choices during the process, such as during the test as it may be uncomfortable for them:
    • Would you like to hold my hand during this?
    •  Or let them choose what they would like to do during this (count to 5, take a deep breath, hold your hand). 
  • Let your child know the swab is like a long Q-tips® cotton swab and it’s very soft. Encourage your child and remind them that their most important job is to hold very still.
  • Consider bringing a comfort item from home, like a blanket or a stuffed animal.
  • Remember your mask, so you can ask questions and provide comfort to your child within your vehicle when the window is open.

Note: Some tests will be done onsite in the health center, not outside in the drive-up test setting. Staff will be in similar attire and the process will still be quick and smooth.

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