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Certified Lactation Counselors


Scheduling a Lactation Counseling Appointment

For more information or to make an appointment with one of Prevea’s Certified Lactation Counselors, click here to find one near you and to schedule online. Or call (715) 717-3870.

A Certified Lactation Counselor is a health care professional who has completed training and passed an exam, demonstrating the skills required to provide safe, evidence-based counseling for pregnant, lactating and breastfeeding women.
These lactation counselors are members of a health care team providing knowledge and counseling to assist with successful breastfeeding. Certified lactation counselors work with mothers and their health care team to solve breastfeeding problems and provide education, recommendations and skills for successful breastfeeding.
“We’re here to help, guide, listen and support breastfeeding mothers in achieving a successful breastfeeding experience,” says Annie Bailey, CNM, CLC, at Prevea Health.
Assessing the needs of mother and baby with breastfeeding, lactation counselors help the family achieve an uncomplicated breastfeeding experience through counseling, education, clinical management and support and connecting with local resources. This counseling support is available by appointment.

Lactation Counseling Appointments

Women can make an appointment with one of Prevea’s certified lactation counselors at any time during their breastfeeding journey. Patients do not need a referral from their health care provider and appointments are normally scheduled for an hour.
The goal of the appointment is to provide counseling, education and assistance, which support the mother’s desires and goals for successful breastfeeding. Patients can expect to discuss the following at their appointment:
  • What are their goals for breastfeeding?
  • What issues or difficulties are they having with breastfeeding?
    • Latching issues
    • Pain with nursing
    • Decreased milk supply
    • Engorgement (too much milk supply)
    • Breast infection (mastitis)
    • Concerns with baby’s weight (weight loss or not gaining weight)
  • Brief health history intake and discussion of birth experience for both mother and child.
Along with discussion of breastfeeding goals and current issues, the lactation counselor may also assess a breastfeeding session.
This comprehensive assessment of mother (and child) related to breastfeeding and human lactation allows the lactation counselor to develop an evidence-based care plan specific to the needs identified through assessment and counseling.
“As certified lactation counselors, we want to make sure that breastfeeding is successful and meets the mother’s goals for successful breastfeeding,” says Karen Johnson, CNM, NP, CLC, at Prevea Health.