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Clothing for Hot Weather Running


As the temperatures are heating up in the summer months, you may think that running with minimal clothes is the best way to keep yourself cool. That may have been the case years ago, but with new clothing technology, there are better options for you. High-tech fibers and new chemical finishes on the clothing help reflect the sun, so you can better protect your skin from the sun exposure while staying cool. Here are a few clothing ideas and tips that are heat-tested and runner-approved.

Head and Eyes

The top of your head releases a great amount of heat from your body. However, your head is the closest to the sun and is usually the first to get burned. There are many lightweight hats available to protect your head. Look for:

  • A Polyester mesh.
  • A minimum 15 UPF sun-protection rating.
  • An odor-control finish in the material.
  • A dark underside brim to reduce glare and keep your face relaxed while running.

If you are not a “hat person”, but like to wear sunglasses, here are some quick sunglass tips before you make the purchase:

  • Make sure they will stay firmly in place, even when sweating heavily.
  • Look for an adjustable nosepiece. It lets you customize the amount of airflow between the glasses and your face to ensure the lenses won’t fog up.
  • Adjustable colored lens are great, depending on the time of day you run.

Sun Block

  • Always use a water-resistant sun block to protect your skin during your sweatiest workouts.
  • Sun block greater than 50 SPF is ideal.
  • Apply the sun block 15 minutes prior to sweating to ensure the skin has time to fully absorb the sun block.
  • Neutrogena recently released a wet skin sun block to apply while wet or already sweaty.


  • Wear dry wicking material to wick the sweat from your body. Make sure it works with the amount you sweat.
  • The sides and sleeves of the shirt should be form fitting, allowing for full range of motion. If it’s too narrow or too wide, it would cause chaffing or irritation.
  • 30 SPF finish on the material for sun protection is ideal.
  • Odor-control finish in the material will keep you smelling fresh.


You don’t have to wear short-shorts all summer long. However, you want to select shorts the same way you select your top. Depending on how much you sweat, you want to make sure the shorts continue to wick sweat away from your body. Some of the new Nike shorts have perforated vents on the legs and strategically placed mesh panels to cool your legs and your core area. Keep in mind, the lighter the shorts, the cooler you will be. However, you don’t need to go shorter in length to be cooler. 

Running outdoors in all temperatures adds variety to your workouts. Just remember to always protect yourself from the elements.