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Fecal transplant using OpenBiome


Prevea is now utilizing OpenBiome as a donor for fecal transplants. In the past, family members or friends would act as the donors. However, OpenBiome makes the process easier for all involved as there is no need to find a donor. They carefully screen and obtain healthy stool from suitable donors.

What is a fecal transplant?
A fecal transplant, also known as Fecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT), is a new treatment that is 90 percent effective in treating C. difficile infection in patients who have not responded to antibiotic therapy. During FMT, a fecal preparation from a carefully screened, healthy stool donor is transplanted into the colon of an ill patient during a colonoscopy.

What is OpenBiome?
OpenBiome is a company that works with physicians to make fecal transplants easier, cheaper, safer and more widely available. It does so by providing hospitals with screened, frozen material ready for clinical use. This service eliminates the time, staff, protocols and facilities needed to screen and prepare material from new donors for each treatment.

For more information about fecal transplants in the Green Bay area, contact (920) 429-1700. In the Sheboygan area, contact 920-457-4400.

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