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Five Training Foods to Boost Performance


You have more than 30,000 items to choose from when you shop at your supermarket.  Most people will put the same 10 to15 items in their cart every time they go grocery shopping.  However, are those the right foods to be putting in your body when you are training for a marathon or other intense event?  

Here are the five foods you should be putting in your cart and your body when training:

  1. Almonds – Athletes should have a small handful of almonds three to five times a week.  Eating almonds a few times a week will help lower your cholesterol and also adds vitamin E to help protect you from cancer.  
  2. Eggs – The protein in one egg contains all of the crucial amino acids athletes need to help promote muscle healing after workouts.
  3. Whole-grain cereal, bread or pasta – 100% whole-grain cereal, bread or pasta is a runner’s best friend.  These easily digestible carbohydrates that contain fiber and a unique blend of antioxidants to ward of diseases and help with muscle recovery.
  4. Mixed salad greens and colorful vegetables – Choosing mixed greens gives you a variety of phytonutrients that helps fight muscle damage after tough workouts.  Adding colorful vegetables helps to reduce inflammation and may reduce soreness after workouts.
  5. Frozen mixed berries – Colorful berries create a powerful mix of antioxidants that assist in post-workout recovery and muscle repair.  Frozen fruit is great for people on-the-run since it is always ready to eat.

Adding these five items to your cart will keep your body fueled and help you stay active.


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