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Gobble Up Turkey


Turkey is not just for Thanksgiving Day. Because it is loaded with nutrients, it can be a regular part of your weekly meal plan.
Do you find yourself reaching for protein powders, bars and shakes on a mission to include more protein in your diet? Consuming just 4 oz. of turkey can contribute 34 grams of protein. Roasting a turkey breast is rather simple and inexpensive, consider purchasing turkey all year long. Not convinced yet? Here are some more reasons to gobble up turkey.
It's all about calories. Or is it? Do you choose foods that are extremely low calorie but then find yourself hungry a short time later? Turkey is relatively low in calories with just 153 in a 4 oz. serving, but since it is packed with protein; it will keep your hunger at bay. 
Comparing 4 oz. servings, roasted turkey breast has only 59 mg of sodium whereas turkey breast lunch meat has a whopping 1151 mg of sodium. It does pay to prepare your own foods, especially when it comes to turkey. Processed turkey is loaded with sodium.  Choose sage, basil and black pepper to add flavor while roasting while minimizing the amount of salt you use.
Turkey contains the amino acid tryptophan. In fact, the myth is that this amino acid is the reason you get so tired after your large  Thanksgiving meal. However, there is not enough tryptophan in turkey to make you feel tired. In fact, all meats contain tryptophan. It does, however, produce serotonin (happy hormone) which plays an important role in strengthening your immune system.
Finally, care for a side of selenium? This nutrient, prevalent in turkey, boosts your immunity and acts as an antioxidant.
One way to enjoy turkey is to surround it with spinach, tomato and avocado in a wrap. This also provides a way to enjoy turkey year-round. Enjoy!