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Healthy Halloween Treats


Halloween is notorious for two things: tricks and treats. This year, trick your kids into eating healthy treats instead of candy! Here are three great ideas for tasty, healthy treats that are sure to satisfy.
  • Citrus jack-o-lanterns - Grab a bag of clementines, organges or tangerines and a food safe marker. Draw a spooky or smiling face on each - let the kids help! Citrus is full of fiber and vitamin C, and these treats will be perfect as snacks or in lunches all week long.
  • Hard boiled ghosts - Boil a dozen eggs and peel them. Then using a clean paint brush and food coloring, create some haunted (or not so haunted) faces on the eggs. Take a dull knife to create some jagged cuts in the bottom of the egg to give it a "sheet" like appearance. These eerie protein filled snacks will certainly be not only fun to eat but nutritious too.
  • Banana-pop mummies - Peel and slice bananas into two inch chunks. Taking each chunk, poke a lollipop stick or a kebob skewer into the banana and place them in the freezer. Once the bananas are frozen, dot some caramel onto the banana as glue to create a base for some candy eyes. Once the eyes are secure, drizzle caramel over the rest of the banana and roll it in coconut flakes. You can use an upside down egg carton as a stand to let the bananas (little mummies) dry.

With these healthy, easy treats, you're sure to scare up a few smiles this Halloween.