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Hop into exercise


This month, switch up your workout and try exercising like a rabbit with lots of running and jumping. Cardiovascular exercise has many benefits, including weight loss, stronger lungs and heart, reduced stress and increased bone density. 

Jump into these easy exercises for a fun and energized work out!

Side jumps
  • Stand with your legs hip-width apart and slightly bent
  • Push using your legs and core to jump up and over to one side, as though you are jumping over something
  • Land in your starting position, then jump to the other side
  • Aim for 10 jumps on each side

Lunge jumps
  • Find your balance in a lunge position, bending both your front and back knee
  • In one push, lift yourself up and off the ground
  • Land the same way you started, then switch legs
  • Aim for 10 jumps on each side

Squat jumps
  • Start in a wide squat position
  • Push through both legs to jump into the air, while holding in your core to protect your back
  • Squeeze your thighs together and land back in your starting position
  • Aim for 10 jumps

With these fun and easy jumping exercises, there will be a spring in your step. Hop to it!

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