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How often should your skin be treated by an aesthetician?


Our philosophy is to be proactive with your skin care regimen and make sure your treatments cause the least amount of inflammation to the skin. Treatments should also be based on your skin type. For best results, follow these guidelines:
  • Treat discoloration every three weeks. If you treat uneven skin tone more often, you run the risk of causing too much inflammation. 
  • Acne (all types) can be treated every two weeks. This allows you to stay ahead of bacteria production while minimizing future breakouts and it encourages the healing process. 
  • Every four weeks is the rule of thumb for treating sensitive skin and rosacea. Because the skin is already irritated in most sensitive skin situations, treating it more frequently than every four weeks will cause too much irritation. 
  • Aging skin can be treated every three weeks. Aging skin types are usually also combating uneven skin tone. Treating aging skin every three weeks not only manages the discoloration issues, but also keeps the skin hydrated and infused with firming and plumping ingredients. 
For the best results, visit an aesthetician monthly for skin health maintenance. When maintaining your daily skin care routine in conjunction with regular in-office treatments, your skin will look and be it’s healthiest.

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