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How to Conquer Your Long Run


The “long run” is an important part of your weekly training. However, long runs take a lot out of you mentally and physically. Proper preparation is the key to an enjoyable long run. Here are a few ideas that help you conquer your long runs:

Plan ahead

If it is written down and on your calendar, you are more willing to do it. By looking ahead at your weekend events, you will be able to plan accordingly and possibly move it to Friday, so you can enjoy your entire weekend. Do it early and check it off your task list.

Get online

You might have to run by yourself this weekend. If that’s the case, go online and post or tweet that you have a 16-mile run coming up. Simply posting it can be a motivating factor for you. Your followers will want to know how your run went and it could motivate one of them to get off the couch and run.

Lay your gear out

Laying your running clothes out the night before will make you less likely to skip your run. When you wake up, they are already out and to wear on your run. Put them on and get going.

Pick your playlist

Preparing a playlist that gets you going and keeps you going during a long run can be a huge motivator. The selection of songs is critical on a long run.  You don’t want the sappy slow song when you need a kick in the last couple miles. Select carefully when putting your playlist together.

Be creative with your route

Creating a long route can sometimes be difficult. The more you can vary it, the better your run usually is. Running in different neighborhoods or on trails can make the time pass more quickly.

Put a few of these ideas into practice and see what works for you.

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