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Ideal Weigh: tips and tricks


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Staying on track with your weight loss goals can be challenging at times. Sure, you meet with your coach on a regular basis, but we get it, it’s easy to get caught in a rut sometimes. No worries, that’s normal. Here are some helpful tips and tricks for preparing food, staying motivated and staying on track.
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Tip #1:  Trouble ditching the soda?

Try incorporating carbonated waters such as Dasani, La Croix and Bubly into your day.

Tip #2: Organize your kitchen

According to one study, a messy kitchen is also one that encourages overeating. Chaos in the kitchen seems to translate into more munching. Keep your kitchen organized and you’ll be less likely to lose control of your eating.

Tip #3: Out of sight, out of mind

If you live with family members or housemates that absolutely must have treats you don’t want to indulge in, give them their own out-of-sight shelf, cabinet or drawer. One that you don’t see regularly.

Tip #4: Keep the yummy food on hand

Do a quick inventory to make sure you still have plenty of the good stuff on hand. Do you love Vanilla Crispy Squares? Stocking up on your favorite IP snacks will help you keep from being tempted to dive into someone else’s bag of chips.

Tip #5: Don’s skip the veggies

Skipping your veggies will not help you to lose weight faster. They provide the necessary fiber, vitamins and minerals that your body requires.

Tip #6: Get enough sleep

Most people need between seven and nine hours of sleep per night.

Tip #7: Sleep is important

Adequate sleep fine tunes the balance of insulin and glucose, regulates our appetite and helps our brain make the right choices about what to eat rather than impulsively gobbling down sweets.

Tip #8: Stick to the sheet

You can optimize your results by sticking to what’s only listed on your approved phase 1 sheet.

Tip #9: Planning to eat out

Planning will set you up for success. Before arriving at the restaurant, look at the restaurant's menu. This will give you an idea of what you will need to eat earlier in the day to prepare for your dinner time meal.

Tip #10: Cucumber slices to help with bad breath

It’s true! Hold a slice of cucumber on the roof of your mouth with your tongue for 90 seconds. The photo-chemical kills the bacteria that causes bad breath! Not to mention crunchy vegetables help remove plaque on teeth and gums, which bacteria can feed on!

Tip #11: Dill Pickle Zippers Coleslaw

Try the Dill Pickle Zippers mixed into coleslaw with sliced dill pickles and your olive oil. Delicious!

Tip #12: Don’t eyeball your food

Don’t get too comfortable on the protocol and start eyeballing your food. When we start to eyeball, we tend to give ourselves more than what we should. Always measure your vegetables, lean protein, Ideal Protein dressings and Walden Farms products.

Tip #13: Slow down when eating

Use your non-dominate hand when you eat. It naturally slows you down because you have to try and steady your food to get it to your mouth. 

Tip #14: No more tears

Here are some tips to avoid crying when cutting onions.
  • Turn on the overhead vent before chopping.
  • Freeze the onion for 15 minutes before chopping or store your onions in the refrigerator.
  • Wear goggles. 

Tip #15:  Struggling to get in veggies? 

Hide your veggies in a shake. Blend 2 cups of spinach in with your IP shake. Enjoy.

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