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Imagine thinking you are shouting, but your voice is barely a whisper.

This example is just one of the sensory misperceptions and cognitive challenges that conditions like Parkinson’s disease can cause. People, who suffer from Parkinson’s disease, often talk too softly to be heard or understood – even though their minds tell them they are yelling.

LSVT LOUD® can improve the quality of life for individuals who suffer from neurological disorders that affect speech. The therapy retrains the brain through the use of targeted vocal exercises and immediate feedback to help people speak at normal levels.

LSVT LOUD® is an evidence-based, intensive therapy used to increase respiratory function and develop voice quality while it teaches a person to recalibrate his or her perception of loudness. LSVT LOUD® stimulates and strengthens the voice box muscles and reorganizes the neural connections in the brain to help individuals apply LOUD training to their daily lives. The targeted vocal workouts improve:
Air movement in the respiratory system
  • Vocal fold closure in voice box
  • Vocal volume control
  • Speech function
  • Articulation
  • Understandability
  • Facial expression and gestures
  • Swallowing
During treatment, people learn to recognize cues that signal their voice volume is too low. Then, they can use the skills practiced during LSVT LOUD® training to increase their volume, improve their vocalization and sustain conversations.

LSVT LOUD® is most effective when treatment starts shortly after diagnosis or as soon as changes in speech and communication are noticed.

Speak LOUD! Visit LSVT BIG® and LSVT LOUD® to learn more about the therapy method.