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Midwife vs. doula


Certified nurse-midwives and doulas can both be important members of a woman’s pregnancy care team. The two often work side-by-side. However, there are differences in the support that each professional provides.

Specifically, certified nurse-midwives provide medical care, including delivering the baby and prescribing medications. Doulas cannot.

Doulas provide labor support. They provide some prenatal and postpartum support, but they work outside of the clinic setting. They help with support techniques, comfort measures and childbirth education.

Certified nurse-midwives provide similar support during pregnancy and labor, but they see patients in the clinic setting and are also able to provide the medical care during childbirth.

When it comes time to have the baby, midwives and doulas can both be there supporting the patient and their family members, but the certified nurse-midwife will be the one that delivers the baby in the hospital setting.
Doula Certified Nurse-Midwives
Prenatal support x x
Labor support x x
Postpartum support x x
See patients in clinic x
OB medical care  x
Prescribe medication x
Deliver babies x

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