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Practicing Creative Self-Care


Practicing self-care is an essential step toward loving yourself, and taking care of your body and mental health. By fostering a positive relationship with yourself based on kindness and respect, self-care can not only help your confidence and motivation but also your relationships with others. Try some of these creative ideas for self-care:
  • Avoid perfectionism and envious comparisons. These create self-disgust.
  • Learn to ventilate. Don’t keep feelings bottled up inside.
  • Develop a nurture network of people you can call on for an emotional lift.
  • Learn to take part in guilt free playtime—a meaningless activity just because it feels good. Remind yourself you are entitled to take time to play. 
  • Learn to say no. Figure out how to control (shut off and turn on) your compassion valve or you will be cannibalized.
  • Guard and protect your vulnerability and humanness. People will put you on pedestals and demand that you don’t make mistakes, if you let them. They will attempt to rob you of your right to hurt like they do. 
  • Make use of your sense of humor and craziness. Sanity never surrendered is too much for any of us to carry. Let you hair down from time to time and do something ridiculous and unexpected. Laugh!
  • Get enough physical exercise. You don’t have to become a weekend jock, go for a walk or bike ride without all the fancy sweat suits and equipment. 
  • Learn to relax. There are plenty of books, programs, CDs and other materials to self-teach relaxation techniques.
  • Tend to your spirit life. Take time to reflect and meditate on the sublime aspects of life. Listen and respond to the needs of your spirit. Cultivate things that promote peace, beauty, serenity and unity in your life. Have the courage to find your own path if traditional religion has not worked for you.
  • Change jobs, or interests or hobbies if you are unable to modify your present job, to fit your personal strengths and abilities. 
  • Learn to be an encouraging person. Every time you encourage another person you reaffirm your best self. 

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