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Prevea Heart Failure Clinic


Being told you have heart failure can feel overwhelming. However, the term “heart failure” does not mean your heart is not working, but rather not functioning as well as it should. Although heart failure is not curable, it can be treated. With the help of our heart failure clinic team, you can manage heart failure and feel like yourself again.

The Heart Failure Clinic at Prevea Health is available to help you manage your heart failure with the care you need to live life to the fullest. We work hand-in-hand with your primary care provider and your cardiologist to coordinate your care. Our goal is to improve or maintain your quality of life, and to prevent hospital stays.

We partner with you to succeed, providing:
  • Evidence-based medical care that incorporates our extensive experience, the latest research and, most importantly, the goals and values of each of our patients.
  • Evaluation and coordination of state-of-the-art heart rhythm therapy.
  • Evaluation and coordination in the need for ventricular assist devices (LVAD).

A full spectrum of support

The Heart Failure Clinic team includes physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, cardiologists, dietitians, registered nurses/care managers, pharmacists, cardiac rehab staff, endocrinologists, behavioral care specialists, home health services and palliative care specialists.

Our team is here to coordinate your care, provide you with an individualized treatment plan and address any concerns you may have throughout your course of treatment.

More education

The key to successfully managing heart failure is education. Prevea Health offers Heart Care University, a series of five interactive classes, which brings together the information and tools you need to stay active. Click here to learn more.

Home Health Services at-home monitoring

Through HSHS St. Vincent Hospital, St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center, St. Clare Memorial Hospital and St. Nicholas Hospital we provide some patients with at-home monitoring. The HSHS Home Health telehealth program is available for patients with certain diagnoses who meet specific criteria. If you quality, our staff works with you and your physician to monitor vital statistics in order to catch and manage small changes in your condition, helping to keep you healthy through proper management of your condition -- and out of the hospital. To learn more about this service, how to qualify or insurance coverage, call (920) 448-7000 or email

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