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Eight random acts of wellness


While you should be kind to each other year round, the second full week of February is Random Acts of Kindness Week. It's a week to spread a little more joy to those around you. It may also be a time to try and spread some cheer, while working wellness into the routine.

Wellness includes so many facets other than just the physical. There are eight dimensions of wellness, including: intellectual, social, emotional, physical, environmental, occupational, financial and spiritual. Take a close look at these areas. How can you make someone's day a little brighter? Here are some ways to achieve each area of wellness:
  • Intellectual: Stimulate your "receiver's" intellectual side by offering them a puzzle or game. Keep it anonymous. That will make them really think. 
  • Emotional: Check on a friend or family member that is going through a rough time. Lend a listening ear. You have two. 
  • Physical: Set up a time to meet a friend(s) and do an "active" get-together. Go for a cool, brisk walk or meet on the tennis court or meet your friends at the local indoor pool. 
  • Social: Be a good friend. Better yet, walk up to someone sitting alone at a restaurant and offer them a compliment. Visit shut-ins or those who no longer have family. Sign up to be a mentor. 
  • Environmental: Shovel the sidewalk or salt a neighbor's sidewalk and/or driveway without them knowing it was you. 
  • Spiritual: Offer a sentimental or spiritual quote on a little note to a stranger or just leave it for someone random to find.
  • Financial: You've probably heard of a customer paying for the coffee or meal of someone behind them in a drive-thru. Let's make this a little healthier. Randomly pay for someone's monthly gym membership or their protein shake. 
  • Occupational: If it applies to you, give one of your employee's a little surprise bonus. Otherwise, offer to work for someone, or easier yet, compliment your co-workers on a job well done. Leave a random note of praise on someone's desk.
Remember, a little goodness goes a long way. 

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