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Rules of the Road


Top 10 Rules of the Road

Many runners take to the road every year and safety should be top-of-mind when doing so. Here are a few rules that every runner should follow to stay safe while on the road:

  1. Respect the driver's right to the road.
  2. Run against traffic, so you can see any advancing motorist.
  3. During group runs, run 1-2 a breast when cars need to pass.
  4. Stay close to the shoulder of the road when a car is approaching.
  5. At a stop sign or light, wait for the driver to wave you through. Be courteous by waving back to the driver.
  6. Never cross against traffic light signals.
  7. At intersections, always wait and look for vehicles coming from multiple directions and lanes before attempting to cross.
  8. Watch for vehicles pulling out of driveways, as they may not see you.
  9. If you run with headphones or ear buds, make sure you can still hear what is going on around you. It may be beneficial to run with only one ear bud in at a time.
  10. Wear bright and/or reflective clothing.

By following these tips, you can enjoy a safe run and gain the respect of drivers on your running route!


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