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Stay Safe While Running in the Dark


Whether you prefer to run in the early morning or after work, darkness is evident during certain times of year. Running in the dark brings on its own challenges, but with a little planning, it can be very enjoyable. Here are a few suggestions to keep you safe while running in the dark:

Be seen
Wearing light colored clothing, head lamps, blinking lights and reflective gear will help motorists see you. Drawing attention to yourself through reflective or light sources minimizes your chances of getting injured.

Know your routes
Planning your routes ahead of time can help you have an enjoyable run. Knowing the surface you are running on can limit your chance of hitting a pot hole and injuring yourself. Also, stay safe by letting someone know where you are running and when you will be returning.

Run with a buddy or group
Running with a friend or in a group is always a safe choice. Running in numbers can help drivers see more easily the reflection of the group. In addition, groups tend to ward off any predators that might be on the prowl.

Road ID
Road ID is an identification tag that can be either worn on your shoe, wrist or ankle. It has crucial information on it if you happen to have an accident. It is safer than carrying your driver’s license or wallet with you. A runner should not leave home without it.

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