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Tendon pain takes on many forms—plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, jumper’s/runner’s knee, tennis/golfer’s elbow and swimmer’s shoulder. When physical therapy, cortisone injections, medication and rest don’t provide relief, the TENEX HEALTH TX™ procedure might be the solution to your long-lasting tendon pain.
The TENEX HEALTH TX procedure combines ultrasound imaging, which pinpoints damaged tissue, with the advanced TC MicroTip, which precisely breaks down and removes only the damaged tissue that was causing you pain.
This one-time, ultrasonic procedure is designed to remove the source of the pain without affecting the healthy surrounding tissue and stimulate a healing response. It is not a surgery, and it can be performed in an office or procedure room.


  • Provides quick pain relief
  • Uses local sedation instead of general anesthesia
  • Allows for a quick return to normal activities, typically within six weeks
  • Does not require stitches, only a small, adhesive bandage
  • Takes just 20 minutes, not hours

Ideal candidates:

  • Have chronic pain in their shoulder, elbow, knee, Achilles or plantar fascia for three months or longer
  • Have tried and failed conservative treatments
  • ​Can easily identify the location and source of their pain. They may also have a repetitive motion injury

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