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The benefits of custom fit hearing protection


Do you gun hunt or go trap shooting? Do you visit the race track? Or enjoy going to music concerts?

One-third of all hearing loss cases in America are thought to be caused by exposure to loud noises. If your lifestyle or job brings you into loud noise atmospheres, the result could be permanent hearing damage and loss of hearing. Prolonged exposure to noise levels 85dB and higher can result in permanent hearing loss. See the chart below for noise level decibels for common activities.

Custom fit hearing protection offers a solution that provides both comfort and proper hearing protection. Adequate hearing protection is recommended for those who are exposed to noises 85dB or higher.

Custom hearing protection devices are individually molded to each ear and provide a consistent seal to control incoming sound. They also relieve the discomfort caused by generic ear plugs and are available for both adults and children.

Remember, the only way to prevent hearing loss is to wear ear protection. If hearing loss occurs, it can only be treated with hearing aids. Investing in custom hearing protection can save your time, money and quality of life in the long run.

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