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What are some tips to quit smoking during pregnancy?


Quitting smoking isn’t easy in any circumstance. However, the First Breath Program is a great smoking cessation resource for pregnant women.

First Breath program

The Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation (WWHF) offers the First Breath program to help pregnant women in Wisconsin quit smoking. The First Breath program aims to increase the number of pregnant women who quit smoking and reduce smoking among pregnant women who are not able to quit. The program was not only started to improve the health of newborn babies, but also to help mothers from going back to old smoking habits after delivery. Mothers who participate in First Breath receive incentives for signing up and participating in the program.

First Breath locations

Northeast Wisconsin has two First Breath sites to help pregnant mothers quit smoking through nonjudgmental counseling.

Family Services of NEW
Healthy Families/PNCC
1822 Riverside Drive
Green Bay, WI 54301
(920) 436-4416

Oneida Community Health Center
525 Airport Drive
Oneida, WI 54155
(920) 869-4836