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Wellness in the workplace


Working at a desk for 40-hours a week can make it difficult to stay active and healthy. These tips and tricks can help you and your coworkers eat healthy and stay active during the work week.

Walk and talk - You're sitting all day, so why not try making one of your regular meetings a walking meeting instead? If that doesn't work, take a break and go for a walk at lunchtime with your coworkers. You'll return to your desk feeling refreshed.

Step it up - Get extra steps in little ways. Try parking your car further away from your office, take the stairs or visit your colleague's desk instead of sending an email.

Stretch it out - A good stretch can help you regain focus and feel better. To stretch in your chair, point and flex your toes; stretch your neck from side to side; and roll your shoulders and lift your arms over your head. Take a few deep breaths, and you'll be surprised how good you feel.

Take a mini-break - Once every two hours or so, take a few minutes to stretch your legs, get some water and walk around. You'll come back to your desk refreshed and ready to work.

Snack smart - Set a healthy policy for shared foods brought into the office and make a list of healthy restaurant lunch options in the area. Once a month, try having a healthy potluck for lunch. 

Drink water - Bring a big water bottle to work, and sip throughout the day. Hydration is important for good health and walking to the bathroom and water fountain will help keep you moving throughout the day.

Use these tips to create a healthy office for you and your co-workers all year long.