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What Is Gu and Do I Need It?


Do you ever feel tired or fight to find the energy you need to finish your long runs? Usually, the problem is that
you have used all of the fuel (aka food) that you put in your body before your run. GU energy gel and other energy products can help put that pep back into your step during your runs.

The key to running a half or full marathon is to make sure you get the energy you need, along with good hydration. Energy products, such as GU energy gel, gummies, Cliff Shot® or Hammer gel, provide the appropriate nutrients to help your body:
  • Quickly build your energy level.
  • Maintain blood glucose levels.
  • Provide electrolytes to keep hydration levels stable.
  • Limit muscle fatigue for faster recovery.

However, many runners have stomach issues when they run and cannot tolerate those gels. There are alternatives to these gels, but you may have to be a little creative. Some people like regular foods, such as peanut butter, peanut butter sandwiches, grapes, gummy bears, jelly beans or sport beans.

You need to practice with GU or other foods or products during your training runs, so you will be confident with your choice on race day. Race day is not the day to try something new. Have a plan, practice, stick to it and you will cross the finish line successfully.

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