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What should I eat if I have an iron deficiency when pregnant?


Eating foods rich in iron will help you and your baby remain healthy during a pregnancy. Use this chart to help you determine which foods will help keep your iron levels elevated.

High iron content Medium iron content Low iron content
Beverages Carnation Instant Breakfast Milk
Ovaltine Instant Postum
Meat & Meat Substitutes Calf liver Beef pot roast Peanut butter
Beef liver Roast pork Cheese
Chicken liver Ham
Liverwurst Chicken
Hamburger Turkey
Round steak Frankfurters
Cooked, dried beans
Fruits Prune Juice Dried apricots Raisins
Vegetables Spinach Winter squash
Peas Sweet potato
Green beans Broccoli
White potato
Grains Iron-fortified cereals Oatmeal
Cream of Wheat Enriched pastas
Bran flakes Enriched bread
Whole grain bread
Instant rice
Fats Bacon
Cream cheese
Desserts & Sweets Blackstrap molasses Sorghum Yogurt
Medium molasses

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