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Get your golf game ready for the season - safely


Everyone has been cooped up inside and many are excited to start the golf season. As you return to the golf course, make sure you are physically and mentally ready to play. Here are a few ideas to get you ready for your return to the golf course:
Work on flexibility
Dynamic stretching is very important to reduce injury before you start a round of golf. Start with some easy lumbar twists, arm windmills, arm hugs and side lunges to get the body warmed up and muscles activated to crush the ball off of the tee. Avoid doing long-hold static stretching before a round because static stretching does not properly activate the proper muscles for golf.
Start walking
Golf takes endurance. Start taking walks around your neighborhood to help build the endurance that you’ll need. If your casual stroll seems easy, pick up the pace to a brisk walk to continue to build that endurance so you stay strong in those last holes of the round.
Strength training
Strength training is the one area many golfers forget about that can take their game to the next level. Work on your core and glutes because these important muscles create the stability of your golf posture and add power to your drives, while protecting the lumbar spine from extreme stress as you swing.
Clean and check your equipment
Making sure your equipment stays clean is very important. Dirt on the face of the club could cause the flight of the ball change and hurt your score. In addition, checking your clubs for cracks could prevent an injury later on. Restock your bag with a small emergency kit of Band-Aids, sun screen, lip balm and athletic tape. You never know what you may need when you are on the course.
Physical distancing and wash your hands
Although the chance of acquiring coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) while on a golf course may be low, it is essential to remain cautious. At this time, physical distancing (6 foot rule) is required when on the course. With the guidelines ever-changing, always follow the current CDC recommendations regarding physical distancing and disease prevention. Wash your hands with soap and water and/or use hand sanitizer before, during and after play. Washing your clubs and gloves after play is encouraged throughout the season.
Following these tips will help you enjoy and stay healthy through this golf season.