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Laser Hair Reduction


Ditch the razor and say hello to smooth skin.
We get it. Shaving can be a hassle; the expense for the razors and shaving cream, the amount of time it takes to shave, razor burn. The list goes on.
Laser hair removal is a great option, and the benefits are worth it; eliminates and prevents ingrown hairs, the treatments are quick and, best of all, it permanently reduces the hair.
What does laser hair reduction mean? In a nutshell, a laser is used to destroy hair follicles using light and energy. It eliminates unwanted hair quickly and easily with minimal discomfort. On average at least five treatments are needed to get the full benefit. Laser hair removal is most commonly performed on the face, upper lip, neck, chest, underarms, back, abdomen, bikini line and legs.
Laser hair removal is extremely safe, however as with any procedure, there could be side effects. While everyone is different, some of the side effects of laser hair removal can include swelling, redness and scarring. Sunlight, tanning booths, spray tans and self-tanners should be avoided throughout the treatment.  
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