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Dramatic Weight Loss: Candy's Story

Successful bariatric surgery patient testimonialStruggling with weight loss for nearly 35 years, Candy decided to make a major change in her life by undergoing bariatric surgery.

“Basically I chose surgery because my health was not good,” Candy said. “I had high blood pressure and feared being borderline diabetic.”

Candy began her weight loss journey in October 2016. It began with a visit to Dr. Hassanain Jassim, a weight loss surgery expert at Prevea Health. After tons of research and preemptively losing 60 pounds with the support of the Prevea Bariatric team, she was ready for weight loss surgery. Candy underwent a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, a minimally-invasive procedure that would allow for the nutrition she needed and result in significant weight loss.

“After tons of research, I got my mind wrapped around the surgery. I knew this is what I wanted and I was not scared at all.” Candy recalled.

Candy had successful bariatric surgery at HSHS St. Vincent Hospital in April 2017. While she was told that she likely would lose about two thirds of the weight she wanted, Candy was motivated to lose the full amount.

“My friends told me I was the ‘poster child for bariatric surgery,’” said Candy. “My only regret is not doing it 10 or 20 years ago.”

After her surgery and careful dieting, Candy has lost 150 pounds and has nearly cut her top weight in half! Candy said her self-esteem has gone up a lot claiming she is now, “able to talk with more confidence.”

Since her surgery, she has had nearly no problems. Candy and her husband are foodies and she can still enjoy the foods she loves by just being a bit more mindful of what she eats.

“It is all a learning process, sometimes it is hard for people to understand you just aren’t hungry,” said Candy.
For Candy, it wasn’t just about the major decision to have bariatric surgery. It’s been a lifestyle change that includes exercise and going to the gym. But, most important of all? Being able to get up and down off the floor – with ease and pain free – to play with her grandkids.

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