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No More Knee Pain: Dennis' Story

You won’t find too many people who admit to loving yardwork, but cutting firewood and mowing the lawn are some of Dennis Schwartz’s favorite things to do. A retired engineer, Dennis likes to spend his days outdoors on his property in Krakow, Wisconsin.

Pain in not one, but both knees, was putting a damper on Dennis’ love for the outdoors and simple, everyday tasks like standing up out of a chair. “I could walk, but it hurt when I stood up,” says Dennis.

Dennis was able to find high-quality, orthopedic care close to home at the Prevea Oconto Falls Health Center – Medical Services Building on the campus of HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital. When he arrived for his appointment with orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Gregory Peyer, he could barely walk from the waiting room to the exam room.

“I was bow-legged, and my right knee made a knocking noise when I walked,” recalled Dennis.

X-rays showed the cartilage in both of Dennis’ knees had worn away. With bone rubbing on bone, it was no surprise Dennis was in such a great deal of pain. He would need both knees replaced. Dr. Peyer repaired his right knee first, placing an artificial joint surface on the top of his leg bone where the cartilage had worn away. Dennis noticed an immediate difference. “I was able to walk the same day after surgery,” says Dennis. “The knocking noise was gone and it felt a lot better.”

When Dennis went to see Dr. Peyer for his two-week follow-up appointment after that first surgery, he jokingly asked Dr. Peyer if he was free to repair his left knee that very afternoon.
“Dr. Peyer is excellent,” says Dennis. “He’s got a good sense of humor and he’s easy to talk to.”

A couple of months later, Dennis saw Dr. Peyer again for reconstruction of his left knee. Again, Dennis noticed a difference right away, and it wasn’t long before he was back on his feet, enjoying his yardwork pain-free.

“It used to take me up to four hours to mow my lawn,” says Dennis. “Now, I can get it done in two. I also used to have to buy firewood for our wood stove. This year, I’m looking forward to cutting it all on my own.”

Thanks to Dr. Peyer and the orthopedic experts at Prevea Health, Dennis and many other patients in Northeast Wisconsin are back to doing what they love, yardwork and all.

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