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New Lifestyle, New Goals: Eric's Story

For as long as 48-year-old Eric Kelly can remember, he’s always been on the heavier side. His weight would go up or down from time to time, but he never got to a point where he felt truly healthy. Like many people, Eric struggled to find a solution to his weight problem while balancing a busy job and his responsibilities as a husband and father.
Eric learned about Ideal Weigh, Prevea Health’s new, medically-supervised weight loss program through co-workers who had experienced their own success with it. When he received an invitation to learn more about Ideal Weigh, he decided to go for it.
“I can’t tell you why I decided to do this program now, but I truly believe that when you are ready for it, you’re ready for it,” recalls Eric. “I was definitely motivated after listening to my provider talk about how Ideal Weigh works although I questioned my own ability to follow through.”
Eric began the Ideal Weigh program in November 2015, weighing 316 pounds.  He was deeply motivated for change and ready to overcome any challenges he would face along the way.
One of Eric’s prouder moments, especially given the time of year that he started Ideal Weigh, was making it through the holidays without cheating. He remained dedicated to the program and found many Ideal Protein foods, which are part of the Ideal Weigh program, enjoyable.
Since starting the Ideal Weigh program, Eric has lost 90 pounds and is down three pant sizes and two shirt sizes. He’s also found a new love for exercise and works out five to six times a week. Golf, bike riding, basketball and bowling are now hobbies that have become more enjoyable and easier to do, thanks to his success with Ideal Weigh. It’s a big lifestyle change for Eric, who used to easily run out of breath just from climbing stairs!
Eric is seeing more than just the physical benefits of weight loss. His biggest sense of accomplishment comes from knowing his family is proud of him for his hard work and dedication.
“My daughter is tickled pink every time she sees me when she’s home from college. She said she’s never been able to wrap her arms around me before and now she can,” said Eric.
Thanks to Ideal Weigh and the support from his family and friends, Eric remains committed to his healthy, new lifestyle and reaching new goals. 

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