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Beating Arthritis Together: Keith and Ann's Story

Keith and Ann Rudesill celebrated their 60-year wedding anniversary in summer of 2015. At nearly 80 years old, topping their list of accomplishments is the fact that they are the proud parents and grandparents of four children, 13 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren living across the United States. On their to-do list of issues to tackle was their aging knees, something they’ve struggled with for several years.

“Ann had a lot of arthritis in her knees. I was dealing more with a cartilage issue,” Keith recalls.

After many unhelpful shots and a referral from their primary care physician, the pair went to see Prevea Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Thomas Florack.

“We went to see Dr. Florack to see what he thought we should do … We were going to have our knees replaced last spring but after our conversation we thought we’d wait until our anniversary party was over,” said Keith.
That’s exactly what Keith and Ann did. Last summer, friends and family from all over the country flew in to celebrate their 60th anniversary.

Same time, same place

Afterwards, on Oct. 16, 2015, the couple had bi-lateral knee replacement surgery at HSHS St. Vincent Hospital. Together, they underwent the same surgery, at the same hospital, with the same doctor, on the same day.

They were at HSHS St. Vincent Hospital for three days and stayed in separate rooms across the hall from one another. “We were treated really well and the therapist was really nice,” Keith said.

When discussing their recovery, the pair is quite pleased.

“I think my recovery is going fantastic. I can go shopping; the pain isn’t in my knees anymore,” says Ann.
Similarly, Keith says, “I am highly pleased with mine as well. I think our rehabbing helped us because I don’t think our children would have pushed us to the point our physical therapists did to get a better rehab.”

Time to dance

Since the surgery, Keith has lost a little over 20 pounds as well. He credits this to the extra motivation he got from rehab.

Keith and Ann appreciated the addition of grab bars and special rugs throughout their home as well. Those supplemental tools and an explanation of the safety concerns associated with them have helped in the recovery process.

After their collective surgeries with Dr. Florack, Keith and Ann have finally been able to put their long-time knee problems behind them.

“It was our dream to dance again,” said Ann. “And we have!”

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