Patient Stories

The Little Pacemaker that Could:
Bill's Story

Outsmarting Diabetes:
Ryan's Story

Back on His Feet:
Alan's Story

With A New Spring in His Step:
Brett's Story

A Journey to Weight Loss:
Darlene's Story

No More Knee Pain: 
Dennis' Story

New Lifestyle, New Goals:
Eric's Story

Battling an Overactive Bladder:
Jean's Story

Finding Relief from Acid Reflux:
Kayla's Story

Beating Arthritis Together: 
Keith and Ann's Story

Helping Sinus Sufferers Breathe Clearly: Ron's Story

An End to Arthritis, No Excuses:
Sandy's Story

Pediatric Stories

Prevea, along with our partner hospitals, has one of the largest dedicated pediatric teams living and working right here in the Green Bay area. 

Uncovering a Hearing Issue:
Aden's Story

Cleft Lip Palate & Repair: Anthony's Story

Recognizing Food Allergies:
Conner's Story

Getting Everything Back In Line:
Elena's Story

Living with Cerebal Palsy:
Eloise's Story

Still Growing Strong: Hailee's Story

A Heart to Heal: Iris' Story

Overcoming Heart Valve Disease, Together: Kinnard Sisters' Story

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia: Kira's Story

Living Life Day by Day: Marian's Story


Growing Up with Cystic Fibrosis: Michael's Story


A Test of Strength: Norah's Story